Anonymously report rape, sexual assault, harassment, or bullying

We are Survivors

UsToo is by survivors, for survivors. We want to change how survivors approach these issues.

We value your support

How it Works

Once your report has been filled in, we search for other reports about the same aggressor or location. If we find anything, we let you know.

If any of the other reports we found matching details from yours have gone to a therapist or lawyer, and they have told us which one, we provide you with that information.

You are empowered to go to that professional and find other survivors who will believe you, and who will not judge you. Together you can take action, work through what happened, and support one another.

Why it Works

Studies have shown that people do not report sexual assault for four key reasons:

  • Fear of social or professional retribution
  • Fear that no one will believe them
  • A belief that the police will not do anything
  • They do not know what sexual assault is

We also know that when offered a tool to report online, people are more likely to report.

And we know that up to 50% of sexual abusers repeat their acts. But less than 1% of accused sexual abusers go to jail.

Our service allows you to connect with professionals, and through those professionals other people who have experienced the same thing, either in the same place or because of the same person. You will be believed. You will be safe. Together, you can take action.

With the data provided by reports, we can map out where sexual assaults happen, when, and how often. This can help us drive actions to improve safety and security.

We also advocate sexual education and better laws addressing sexual aggression.

We felt it was likely that many of the reasons people do not report sexual assault were likely applicable to other issues that often go unreported. We are expanding our service to address these problems as well.